Capital structure advice

We are very well placed to provide strategic advice to corporates wishing to refinance their existing borrowings, raise further senior and subordinated facilities, release equity for their shareholders, secure new equity funding, or manage banking relationships under difficult trading conditions.

Capital Raising

Many successful private companies reach a point in their development when they can no longer maintain their growth by relying solely on their existing internal resources.  An injection of fresh capital from an acceptable external funding source will often unlock the further growth potential of such businesses.

We work closely with entrepreneurs to assess the funding requirements of both company and shareholders, and determine which forms of external capital are most suitable. We consider our clients’ options impartially, considering both purely debt-based solutions and private equity capital. In each case, we will leverage our relationships within banking and private equity houses across the UK.

Shareholders occasionally look to unlock some of the value tied up in their business at the same time as raising growth capital, or as a separate exercise. We can deliver this combined solution to meet both shareholders’ and business’s needs.